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If something's not working on agileSpecs, please follow the instructions below to let us know more:


Check Your Browser

Some issues you encounter may be caused by the browser itself. For optimal performance and security we recommend that you keep your browser up to date by running the latest version.

The fastest way to solve a browser issue is switch to an alternative browser. We support and recommend Morilla Firefox and Google Chrome for optimal performance.

Browser issues can also be solved by disabling add-ons/extensions, changing your internet browser settings, clearing your browser cache and cookies, or refreshing the page.


Send a Bug Report

In order for us to fix the issue, we need to be able to reproduce it. With a precise description of what you did, we can clearly follow your actions and recreate the same situation. The more accurate the details provided in each issue, the more efficiently we can deal with the issue, and the more likely it is that the issue will be resolved quickly.

Before you send the report, please gather the following information:

  • Email with a valid reply address, so we can get back to you with possible further questions about the issue.
  • Your operating system and the version.
  • The browser you use and the version.
  • The hardware you use.
  • The exact situation in which the problem occurred. Please describe in as much detail as possible.
  • Can you always reproduce the problem in a certain way?

If you have encountered two bugs that don't appear to be related, create a new bug report for each one. This makes it easier for our development team to separate the issues.


Bug Submission Form

Please read the section above about how to file a good bug report, then please send an email to our support team.


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