04. Create your first tickets

With agileSpecs you can create two types of tickets:

    Section ticket -  directly embedded in your section

    Plain ticket outside your sections

Still, you can manage all tickets together in the "Tickets" area.


Create a section ticket

Go in the "Sections" area. Position the cursor at the beginning of a new line and create a ticket by clicking the “Create ticket” button, or by entering Ctrl-Space.


We recommend to add fine-grained requirement groups (specification template 'Requirement Group').

Dividing your tickets in small sections enables and eases concurrent writing.


Create a plain ticket

Go in the "Tickets" area and click on the button "ADD TICKET" , or simply use the shortcut 'A'

Please note:

  • The system automatically generates a new ticket number.
  • In our Knowledge base you will find an instruction how to configure the next coming ticket numbers.
  • Make sure that each ticket has a unique number.


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