02. How to use the Sections area

With agileSpecs it is very easy to create even large documentations without being distracted by formatting issues.

You can break projects down into small sections and change the order of your sections in no time. Create embedded section tickets and enjoy working with living documents.

Start with adding a section

Go in the „Sections“ area and click on „ADD SECTION

Enter a name and click on „Add“.

You can add as many sections as you like.

Change order

To change the order of your sections, move the cursor over the left icon of your section.

Now click and hold the icon and move the section in the new position.

Filter sections

In addition to the normal search, the sections area also has an extra „sections filter“.

To activate the sections filter, click on the filter directly above the top section and start entering a name.


Rename a section

Open the section you'd like to rename. Click on the name of the section at the top of the edit field and anter a new name, then press 'enter' to confirm.


Delete a section

Just open the section you wish to delete. Click on the trash icon in the lower menu on the left.


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